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Inspiring Stories

Karen Light, Founder and Chief Creative of Studio Light Illustration, interviews authors and soon-to-be authors to find out more about what inspired them to write their books and about the inspiring stories within their books in the hopes of inspiring others to write and share their own stories.

Feb 16, 2020

Karen Light of Studio Light Illustration interviews Anesa Kratovac, writer, artist, wellness extraordinaire and more!  Anesa and Karen talk about the role of the creative person in society and what it takes to put yourself out there!

Anesa's Author Page

Feb 7, 2020

Today marks the first of a series of conversations that Karen Light will be having with Jade Ueji, a fellow artist, illustrator and also an Apprentice at Studio Light Illustration.  Jade and Karen get inspired by the discussions they have during the Artist Apprenticeship Group Calls and aim to take those conversations...

Jul 31, 2019

Karen Light from Studio Light Illustration interviews Mary Grace Bertulfo, writer, teacher and community builder. The novel she is currently working on follows the story of a Filipino woman shaman at the time of the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan to their land.  Karen and Mary Grace discuss the intersection of nature,...

Jun 29, 2019

Karen Light from Studio Light Illustration interviews Karen Kelly, author of the soon-to-be-released, Snow Angels on Your Pillow.  Karen and Karen explore the unexpected journey creating something can take you on and the idea of angels working behind the scenes to help us...

May 31, 2019

Karen Light from Studio Light Illustration interviews Catherine Johns, author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma.  Karen and Catherine talk about so much including poses you can use to create presence, how to speak from your core and the damage of minimizing language.